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The KUBE series from Ascon Tecnologic is a new range of process controllers offering traditional LED style displays but with a range of new features including improved HMI display and enhanced PID temperature control capability.

We expect the range to enhance our clients' choice of PID controller for heating and cooling applications, while staying within the same general component price range and maintaining a common form factor to currently available models.

Here we summarise some of the more notable features of the KUBE range.

Overview of the KUBE PID Controller Range

There are 3 models to choose from:

The KR unit is a non-DIN dual display unit featuring a primary and secondary LED display, with 4 physical buttons for navigation and control.

The KM model is a 1/16th DIN sized unit featuring a primary and secondary LED display, with 4 physical control buttons.

The KX unit is a 1/8th DIN sized unit, also featuring a dual LED display, 4 control buttons and enhanced display elements including a bargraph feature.

All are designed to be accurate PID temperature controllers, with a choice of thermocouples to cater for temperature ranges between -70°C and +1760°C. All can deal with either analogue or digital input, and all can produce up to 4 outputs.

Enhanced HMI Display

The overall display size is larger, compared to equivalently sized units in our K and TLK ranges. This allows for larger LED elements and additional non-numeric display elements within the display area.

For instance, our current DIN sized PID controllers (K48/K49, TLK43 and TLK94) have either one large display reading of 12mm in height, or two smaller display readings of 7mm in height. The KUBE series offers significantly larger display elements of 15.5mm for the main display together with a secondary display of 7.6mm (KM) or 10mm (KX).

These larger LED displays allow the primary value to be easily seen from a greater distance, with potential improvements in usability and operator responsiveness.

Dynamic Three Colour Display

Process controllerswith an LED display are typically limited to two colours – green or red. In additions, these colour choices are typically static (red for single display and red plus green for a dual display).

The KUBE series offers 3 colours – red, green and amber – for the primary display (the secondary display is always green). In addition, these colours are selectable according to user-defined criteria. For instance the primary display can be programmed to show as either red, green or amber depending on parameter values. Developers can assign different thresholds to the colours according to the application and desired operator response. This enables the operator to see at a distance that a process is operating within parameters – or that action is required – without needing to read the value displayed.

For instance the 3 colours can be used to indicate when a parameter is within range (e.g. green), under a key threshold (e.g. amber) or over a key threshold (e.g. red). This tells an operator not just that a parameter requires adjustment but in what direction (i.e. too hot or too cold).

Alternatively, green could be used to indicate that a parameter is within a desired range, as before, amber could be used to warn that a parameter is outside a desired range but has not reached a critical level (i.e. a warning), and red could  be used to indicate that a parameter has reached a critical value requiring urgent action. This gives operators early warning of a problem, potentially resulting in better process control.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The display accounts for a large part of a process controller’s energy consumption – and the KUBE series addresses this with its evoGreen energy saving feature.

The evoGreen feature is an optional, user selectable function, which allows the display to be switched off after a period of time and while the process parameters are within programmed limits.

During this time 4 alternating segments remain lit to show that the unit is still operating.

The full display appears immediately if a button is pressed or if an alarm occurs.

Enhanced PID Control

The KUBE series is equipped with a full range of PID control options including on/off and auto-tuning.

In particular, the KUBE range features evoTune, offering advanced, highly accurate PID temperature control. This feature is able to evaluate current operating conditions, including any changes to the set point, and decide on the best tuning solution based on those conditions. The result is more accurate and intelligent temperature control.

Enhanced Programmability

All units within the KUBE range offer 8 segment programming as standard, allowing control of more complex processes. This widens the type of application controllable from this type of unit.

A developer also has a choice of 4 ways of initiating a programmed sequence: at power up (i.e. manual switch on); at power up but after a set delay (e.g. to give an operator time to prepare for the start of the process); on command (e.g. using keyboard input, allowing for remote operation); and on command with a delay.

The “on command” startup option can also be triggered using a digital input other than a manual operation – this allows the output of another process (e.g. when an earlier process is completed) to be used as the signal to begin the process sequence. Multiple control units can therefore be easily programmed to control a process involving more than 8 segments of activity.

The KUBE series adds to Tecnologic's wide range of process controllers, making it even easier for manufacturers to choose a low cost plc which exactly meets their needs.

For information about the KUBE range of process controllers and with choosing the right PID controller for your application, please talk to our team of experts today.

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