Heating Elements

We offer a vast selection of different heating elements, mostly bespoke to specific customer designs however some standard products are available within the key product groups. Our range of industrial heating elements includes a variety of element designs and materials to cater for just about any application including strip heaters, band heaters, cartridge heaters, flat heating elements, etched foil heaters and tubular heating elements.

The following summarises our range of heating elements, but we can design and manufacture a custom heating element to your exact specification on request. For many types of heating element we can offer an express manufacturing service with a 1 week lead time.

As for all our products, our team of experts is available to help you specify the right components for your particular application.

Flexible Heating Elements

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Flexible Heating Elements from Tecnologic UK
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A flexible heating element is often used where space is a problem as they offer low profile uniform heat distribution. Available in any shape or size to suit a wide range of applications, these flexible heaters are moisture resistant, easy to control and offer very high electrical insulation properties.

Typical applications for flexible heating elements include:-

  • Scientific equipment
  • Hotplates
  • Cabinet warming/Telecoms
  • Drum heating/trace heating
  • Tank heating
  • Composite curing
  • Refrigeration/catering equipment
  • Temperatures up to 200 deg c max, 180 deg c constant
  • Elements can be supplied flat or formed to fit around pipes etc
  • Silicone rubber, Kapton and Polyester materials available
  • 3M self adhesive backing if required
  • Etched foil and wire wound capability
  • Low voltage and mains
  • Custom designs, any shape or size to suit the application
  • UL and CSA approvals

Cartridge Heaters

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Cartridge Heaters from Tecnologic UK
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Cartridge heaters are designed to provide localised heat in contact applications. The elements are encased in a stainless steel sheath surrounded by compacted magnesium oxide powder. This allows for high watt densities where good heat transfer is achieved.

Typical applications for cartridge heaters include:-

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Printing heads
  • Sealing machines
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Laminating machines
  • Various diameters and lengths available
  • High and low watt density versions
  • Different terminations possible/ custom lead exits
  • High temperature fibreglass and PTFE lead materials
  • Sealing for protection against moisture ingress
  • The ability to add custom threads and bushes

Tubular Heating Elements

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Tubular Heating Elements from Tecnologic UK
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Tubular heating elements can be used in a variety of applications. Straight lengths or formed into any bend configuration these hard wearing elements provide fast heat up times and high watt density.

Typical applications include:-

  • Ovens
  • Incubators
  • Vending Machines
  • Catering equipment
  • Autoclaves
  • Boilers
  • Full custom element capability, any size, bend configuration and termination available
  • Elements can be fully sealed to protect against moisture ingress
  • Incoloy 800/825, St/steel and Titanium sheath materials available
  • Rapid heat up time
  • Extremely resistant to shock and vibration

Mica Band Heaters

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Mica Band Heaters from Tecnologic UK
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Mica band heaters are widely used in the plastics industry or where a clamp around method of heating is required. A custom band heater can be made in various different sizes using different methods of construction and terminations:-

  • High temperature oxidation resistant metal sheath
  • Various clamping methods possible
  • Post terminals or flying leads, up to 14 variations
  • Internal thermocouples possible
  • Three phase construction possible
  • Standard lead time for any specification 2.5 weeks
  • Ceramic insulated versions also available for higher temperatures
  • Express manufacturing service available, 1 week lead time possible

Mica Strip Heaters

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Mica Strip Heaters from Tecnologic UK
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Our Mica strip heaters are manufactured using high temperature oxidation metal sheaths and high grade mica insulation. Nickel/Chromium resistance wire wound evenly provides uniform and reliable heat distribution.

A Mica strip heater can be individually designed to your exact specification in any length or width, including any mounting holes or slots that you might require for incorporation into your product:-

  • Maximum sheath temperature 480 deg c
  • Post terminals, flying leads or mounted terminal box
  • Standard thickness 4 mm
  • Bespoke lengths produced to order
  • Mounting holes or slots
  • Built in thermocouples possible
  • Standard lead time 2.5 weeks
  • Express manufacturing service available, 1 week lead time possible

Ceramic Strip Heaters

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Ceramic Strip Heaters from Tecnologic UK
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A ceramic strip heater is made of resistive ceramic, enclosed in a metal casing, and will tend to produce more even heating, as well as having a longer lifespan than a wire-based element, making it one of the most widely used heating components for applications requiring exceptional durability. These elements offer high temperature performance in a rugged contamination resistant stainless steel sheath:-

  • Maximum temperature 650 deg c
  • Post terminals or flying leads
  • With or without mounting holes
  • Bespoke lengths manufactured to order
  • Built in thermocouple possible
  • Dual voltage and 3 phase constructions possible
  • 38 mm wide, 8 mm or 9.5 mm thick and up to 1825 mm long
  • Express manufacturing service available, 1 week lead time possible


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