The Vision PLC Range - PLC with LCD Graphics

A Unitronics PLC with LCD display is ideal for applications requiring a powerful PLC with display features built-in. A Vision PLC with LCD graphics combines highly configurable control capability with cost-saving HMI development features.

Vision 120 Palm Sized PLC

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Vision 120 Palm Sized PLC from Tecnologic UK
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The smallest Vision PLC in the Unitronics range, the Vision 120 is a palm sized PLC with built in operator panel and graphic LCD display.

This small PLC with display is a powerful device has built in I/O and a range of features that includes multiple PID loops, direct temperature sensor inputs and communications options such as GSM/SMS, MODBUS and CANbus.

  • Up to 255 user designed screens
  • Ladder logic software (free of charge)
  • Hundreds of images per application
  • Up to 12 independent PID auto-tuning loops
  • Graphs and Trends
  • Built in I/O options include high speed temperature and Weight measurement
  • Real time clock
  • SMS messaging/ remote access capability
  • RS232/485 comms
  • MODBUS, CANbus and UniCAN
  • Recipe programs and datalogging via data tables
  • Troubleshoot via HMI, no PC needed
  • 12 or 24 v supply

Vision 130 Palm Sized PLC

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Vision 130 Palm Sized PLC from Tecnologic UK
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The Vision 130 is a palm sized but powerful PLC with LCD display. It features a built in operator panel with graphic display screen and alpha numeric keyboard.

This compact powerful device supports up to 166 on board I/Os and can also be expanded using remote expansion modules.

As with all models in the Vision PLC range, this PLC with LCD has a rich range of embedded features includes multiple auto-tuning PID loops, internal 120 k database, load cell support and communications options such as Ethernet.

  • 1024 user-designed screens and 400 images
  • Graphs and trends
  • Up to 24 independent auto-tuning PID loops
  • Built in I/O and possible expansion
  • SD card: log, backup, clone and more
  • CANbus, CANopen, UniCAN and more
  • RS232/485 MODBUS
  • Additional comms ports can be added, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x CANbus
  • Remote access capability, SMS, email, web sever
  • Ladder logic software (software tools are free of charge)
  • Real time clock
  • 24 v supply

Vision 260 PLC with Display

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Vision 260 PLC with a built-in HMI from Tecnologic UK
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The Vision 260 is a powerful PLC with display graphics and a built-in HMI operator panel. This PLC with LCD display has a 5.4" screen (240 x 64 pixels) and a customizable keyboard.

On-board I/Os can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC; Snap-in I/O modules come in several configurations. I/O Expansion modules enable integrating up to 512 I/Os per Vision PLC.

The Vision 260 offers a rich range of embedded features such as multiple auto-tuned PID loops, internal 120K structured database and loadcell support.

  • Backlit LCD display
  • 33 user labelled keys
  • Large library of images
  • Alpha numeric keyboard
  • HMI graphs and trends
  • Real time clock
  • Auto-tune PID, up 12 independent loops
  • Ethernet port
  • SMS messaging
  • Supports MODBUS, CANbus, CANopen, UniCAM
  • Supplied with RS232/RS485 and I CANbus port
  • Wipe down IP65 front panel
  • 12 or 24 v dc supply
  • Free of charge software tools




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