Unitronics PLCs With Integrated Touch Screen HMI

A Unitronics PLC with integrated HMI offers exceptional control capability combined with excellent value for money.

From a palm sized PLC with text display, right up to a 12.1 inch touch screen, the Unitronics PLC range allows manufacturers to choose exactly the right size and capability of PLC with HMI to suit different products and markets.

In partnership with Unitronics our range of Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated touch screen offer first class technical specifications coupled with intuitive, easy to use, free programming tools (click on link below).

All models in the Unitronics PLC range are supplied with an integrated HMI, saving on design and labour costs. Choose from text, LCD graphic or a full colour touch screen PLC with HMI features built in and in most cases extensive built in I/O. Both touch screen HMI and LCD graphic HMI PLC's are fully supported by a range of facilities to make designing the user interface as easy as possible, such as time saving image libraries and ready-to-use screens for standard tasks such as virtual keypad. Unitronics PLC HMI programming is also made cheaper and easier via free software tools and access to free technical support.

Market leading features include excellent remote access capability starting with SMS text on the micro PLC Jazz range to full web pages built and stored within the PLC, which can be viewed and edited with any internet browser.

Unlike many PLC's on the market the Unitronics PLC range offers an exceptionally good auto-tuning PID algorithm which will handle high accuracy control across a multitude of different applications. This range is by no means just focused on temperature control applications but its excellence in this area in particular make it a perfect fit for the Technologic portfolio of control solutions.

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