Process Controllers Overview

Our extensive range of panel and din rail mounted process controllers combine excellent control performance and build quality with outstanding value for money.

The range starts with basic digital thermostats and continues up to multi segment PID programmers.

A whole host of features are included as standard such as built in process timers on all models in the K range.

All the products we offer are sold with the highest level of technical support and the vast majority are stocked in the UK available for next day delivery.

All the instruments are intuitive and logical to program however remote "hot key" storage devices and programming software tools are also available for all instruments within the range.

Key features include:-

  • On/off or high accuracy auto tuning PID algorithm
  • Built in process timers
  • 8 or 16 segment programmer
  • Multiple input types, T/C,RTD, PTC,NTC, mA or voltage
  • Up to 4 outputs, SSR, relay, 4-20mA, 0-10 v
  • Digital inputs
  • Soft start
  • Single and Dual display
  • Patented sensitive touch keyboard

    Sensitive Touch Technology

  • Hot key


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