Solid State Relays Overview

Using a good quality solid state relay can be crucial in ensuring the longevity and reliability of an electronics product and for some applications the special characteristics of solid state devices - such as silent operation, resistance to vibration, minimal power consumption and inherently spark-proof - are essential. And, because solid state relays also serve a circuit isolation function, choosing a quality device can also have implications for the safety of a product.

Solid state relays are therefore a key part of our product portfolio and as a result we work in partnership with Celduc Relais to offer a range of exceptionally well engineered high quality solid state devices.

While the quality of a solid state relay will be uppermost for the majority of our commercial clients, we also know how important it is to find exactly the right type of solid state device for your application, minimising the need to adapt designs around the available components, which can incur time and labour costs.

Our solid state relay range covers a vast number of PCB or DIN mounted devices up to high current 3 phase relays and motor control products with and without heatsinks and in a number of form factors. And to ensure we can always provide you with the right device for your needs, we also offer a bespoke service, building your choice of solid state device into a customised assembly.

In addition to the standard zero cross units for switching resistive loads we also offer a number of solid state devices for switching inductive loads and specific phase angle controllers.

Switching DC voltages is also catered for with a selection of PCB and panel mounted solid state relays using Mosfet, Bipolar or IGBT technology.

As with all the products we offer, vast stocks of solid state relays are held in the UK with many key products available next day. And, as always, our team of experts are on hand to help you make the correct choice for your application.



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