Touchscreen HMI's & Industrial Touchscreens

Our comprehensive range of Touchscreen HMI's and industrial Touchscreen computers from Maple systems are second to none in the industry.

Starting at just 4.3" through to 15" screen sizes we have low cost solutions suited to high volume price sensitive applications through to special purpose machines needing the ultimate in performance.

The Touchscreen HMI's have powerful easy-to-use configuration software making them compatible with the majority of PLC's and instrumentation products (including Tecnologic controllers), whilst adding functions such as datalogging, remote access via a VNC server application and additional control routines.

The Windows Open HMI's also come embedded with Windows CE.

Each Human Machine Interface contains a high-resolution TFT Display with 65 thousand colours, an analog touchscreen, USB and Serial Ports (many with Ethernet) and come with a 2-year warranty.

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