Why Choose Tecnologic UK

More than just Technology

When you are looking for a supplier of process controllers, PLC's or other industrial electronic components, it's only natural to be focused on the technology - the features, the reliability, the accuracy, and so on.

At Tecnologic we provide high quality industrial components at highly competitive prices - but we provide our customers with a lot more than that.

With over 20 years industry experience we understand as much about how to really meet our customers' needs as we do about how to supply accurate, reliable components. As a result we have exceptional levels of customer retention and many long term customers.

So, how do we do it? What are we actually doing to create customer relationships like these? And how would it benefit you?

We will spend time understanding your needs and discussing various different solutions with you. We will even tell you if we don't think our products are correct for the application.

Key Components are always in Stock

There's nothing more frustrating than finding the product you need and having to wait weeks for it to come into stock.

We know that our customers are in a hurry and are trying to deliver solutions quickly for their own clients. We aim to keep all our standard and frequently sold components in stock so we can ship them out to you next day.

Also, if you regularly use something we don't carry in stock we will consider adding this to our profile to assist you in managing your production needs.

Turnkey and Bespoke Solutions

We don't just sell components - we help you put together complete solutions to solve a problem.

If required, we will visit your site to discuss your application and make sure we thoroughly understand your needs. In addition to this we can produce bespoke designs to match customer requirements on products such as heating elements, temperature sensors, solid state devices and process control.

A Belief in Long Term Relationships

We keep the paperwork and unnecessary processes to a minimum and all our staff have the wherewithal to make key commercial and logistical decisions.

This all helps you get a solution in place more quickly using the correct products at the best price.

Other suppliers can say they care about building long term relationships - we have a long track record to prove it.

In a fast moving industry like electronics you can't be successful unless you are willing to stay right up to date with the latest technology and always make an effort to put the customer first.

We understand our long term business success depends on repeat business and referrals. What this means for you and your organisation, is a supplier who cares more about your long term satisfaction than the short term monetary value of a single order.

It means having a trusted supplier you can call on again and again to offer honest technical advice, great pricing and outstanding service.


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