Blog: Industrial automation

Manufacturers, logistics, packaging and electronics companies as well as those involved in healthcare and research, data centres and general areas of industry are enjoying a period of rapid evolution in technology, this allowing operational advancements and increasing capabilities via inustrial automation.

Level 1 – this is generally supervisor level and includes many PC-based systems, Control Panels and HMI systems, often utilising WLAN networking.
Level 2 – this generally, is the control level, where time-based fulfilment of task or process is crucial
PLCs, HMI, CAN, EtherCAT, Profibus, WLAN, Safety (SIL).
Level 3 – this includes the terminal equipment and offers pre-processing opportunities to the main PLC system communications.
Micro PLC, VFDs and Motor Control, Industrial Sensors, Relays, Switches, Wireless Control RFID, wireless sensor networks

Tecnologic UK are Industrial Automation specialists and can help guide and advise you through the appropriate selection of products utilised across many types of industry throughout the entire Process Control System, with additional specialist experience in areas of temperature control and heat elements.
The types of benefits Industrial Automation can provide include
Reduced reliance on manual recording
Increased productivity
Advancements in product quality
Less reliance on physical/ human strength
Improved human wellbeing
Less reliance on Geographical locations
Improved Quality Control

PID process control in Industrial Automation.

Panel-mounted PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) process control has been a vital component in industrial automation for many years, providing accurate control of temperature, pressure, and other process variables. These controllers are typically mounted on a control panel and used to regulate the output of heating, cooling, and other process control equipment. Here is a quick look at […]

The Role of Communications Protocols in Process Controllers

Tecnologic – Process Control Equipment From industrial process controllers to home entertainment devices, it is increasingly rare for an electronics product to be completely standalone, with no ability to communicate with other devices or the wider world. From low cost micro PLCs to richly featured touch screen PLCs with integrated HMI by Unitronics, every PLC […]

Tecnologic’s Range of Sensors for PID Controllers

The accuracy of a PID controller depends on two key factors: the precision of the PID algorithm used by the process controller, and the reliability of the input data that it is working with. Tecnologic supply a wide variety of custom sensors for PID controllers, designed to deliver accurate data on a range of input types […]

Alternative Components- Guide to sourcing alternative electronics components

alternative electronics Component Parts. A factory spares management system involves managing the inventory of spare parts needed to maintain and repair equipment and machinery in a factory. Here are some key elements of a typical spares management system, ‘occasionally this involves sourcing alternative electronics component parts or even commissioning bespoke parts:   what is involved […]

Unitronics Variable Frequency Drives for Motor and Motion Control

The Tecnologic process control range now includes the latest addition to the Unitronics range – Variable Frequency Drives (also known as VFDs or VFD drives) for motor and motion control. In this article we’ll take a look at what VFDs are, and what the Unitronics VFD range has to offer process control manufacturers. If you’re […]

The KUBE Series of Process Controllers from Tecnologic

The KUBE series from Ascon Tecnologic is a new range of process controllers offering traditional LED style displays but with a range of new features including improved HMI display and enhanced PID temperature control capability. We expect the range to enhance our clients’ choice of PID controller for heating and cooling applications, while staying within […]

New Site – New Process Control Products – from Tecnologic

The brand new Tecnologic UK website offers our customers an updated look and online ordering for many of our most popular process control products. But as well as making searching and ordering easier, we’ve also completely reviewed and updated our product range to include, for example, the most recent Unitronics PLCs, and some completely new […]

Unitronics PLC – UniStream™ – A New Generation of Process Controllers

UniStream® is the new advanced Unitronics PLC with integrated HMI, offering all the benefits of an integrated touch screen PLC but with greater power and flexibility. Described as being a new generation of process controllers, we take a look at the features of the UniStream system and find out how it builds on the already […]