Configuration Tools

The majority of Tecnologic’s process controllers can be programmed using either the facia buttons, hot flash memory key or by computer using the software available for download at the bottom of this page.

To use this software you will need a KEY-A01 USB to Controller Interface.

Key Settings

The memory key’s case has a section next to the mini USB port which needs to be removed to expose 4 dip switches. If the key is going to be used with the software, the switches should be set to:-

  • Switch 1 – On
  • Switch 2 – Off
  • Switch 3 – On
  • Switch 4 – Off

Configuring the Driver/Software

To download the Winlog Software click on the link below.

To download the Universal configurator Software click on the link below.


Once the key has been connected and the driver/software installed, please go to the Device Manager and find which USB port number has been allocated to the Hot Key.

To use the software, connect the Hot Key to the power supply, USB lead and attach the controller, which should light up. An error may be displayed if a temperature sensor is not connected, but this does not affect its programming.

Use the shortcut Tecnologic setup and select the appropriate COM (USB port) number for the key.

Click on Search. If all is working correctly, it will find the instrument connected, then click Create application followed by Execute application. A picture of a controller should be displayed. Click on the U key with the mouse to launch the Configuration Page.

Tabs show the different menus and appropriate parameters in real-time, so any changes made via the software are immediately updated in the instrument. Configurations can be saved and used again.


To view the manual online - please visit the following link: KEY-A01