eLearning Tutorials

This page contains a series of downloadable tutorials for Unitronics PLCs covering a range of topics.

To download a tutorial, click on the associated ZIP icon or heading. Once the file has finished downloading, open it with WinZIP and extract the directory. Each directory contains an index.html file. Open this file using your browser of choice and the tutorial will automatically begin playing.

Using GSM Modem

This tutorial demonstrates how to program a PLC to work with GSM modems, including PLC COM port initialisation, the PC and GSM modem connection and aspects of usability.

SMS Messaging

This tutorial covers the use of SMS messaging with the VisiLogic software, including SMS configuration, how to send SMS to a PLC, how to receive SMS and check for their receipt, plus advanced options such as the ability to enter phone numbers via the HMI display/keyboard.


This tutorial takes you through the application that runs EX-RC1, the Unitronics' remote I/O adaptor. This VisiLogic application is factory-installed in the adaptor. The EX-RC1 enables you to distribute I/O Expansion Modules throughout your system, and also increases the amount of I/Os you can use. The EX-RC1 is connected to the master PLC by UniCAN; Unitronics' proprietary CANbus protocol.

Jazz Micro OPLC

This tutorial provides an overview of the Jazz OPLC, introducing the units applications, features, supported communication protocols and software, together with a full technical specification.

Getting Started with Unitronics

This tutorial introduces the basic steps involved in creating applications for Unitronics' Vision OPLCs. The main building blocks of the VisiLogic development environment are covered in turn: hardware configuration, the Ladder control application and HMI application.

Beginners Guide to Programming PLCs

This tutorial provides a beginners guide to programming Unitronics PLCs. It is in two parts: a (PDF) document guides you through the process step by step, and the .vlp file shows you the resulting application.

What is a PLC?

This tutorial provides an introduction to PLCs, which are used as a replacement for relay circuits, timers, counters and analog controllers. PLCs can be used to control a wide range of machinery and equipment.