Custom Cartridge Heater Supplier

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Tecnologic offer a custom cartridge heater ordering and design services and are established in the UK as a cartridge heater supplier providing manufacturing services for all variations of the cartridge heater.

The standard lead time for any variation is 2.5 weeks and in some instances a 7 day fast-track service can be provided.

We would encourage you to contact us to discuss your specifications in more detail and obtain technical guidance on your design, we are particularly cost-effective for small or medium-quantity volumes and can provide technical guidance throughout to help you specify the correct


When ordering custom cartridge heaters it is important to specify:

• Quantity
• Diameter and width
• Volts/Watts
• Lead insulation type and length of leads required
• Integral Thermocouple
• Construction variations e.g. double-ended, flange, post terminals, bent, end tube extensions etc.
• Specify total wattage

• The capabilities of our custom cartridge heaters extend far beyond this list and you can additionally specify dual voltage requirements or distributed wattage circuit options.

For full details on the specifications and construction options for band heaters, please refer to our Cartridge Heaters Design and Construction guide. Please note we can also now supply ceramic band heaters to your desired spec also.


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