Ceramic infrared heating elements

Infrared and Ceramic Heating Elements

Surface temperature to 750 °C.
Mid-to-far wavelength infrared heat source provides uniform heat over a large
Primary emission in the 3 – 10 micron range (no visible light), which is the most
efficient wavelength for heating of platics, paper, textiles, and drying of most
Ceramic heating elements include availability with built-in type K thermocouple.
Operating life over 5,000 hours minimizes machine downtime.
Available in 122 x 60 mm, 245 x 60 mm, and 122 x 122 mm sizes.
Available with pink surface that turns to gray when heating providing evidence of
correct operation.
Iron alloy element wire provides longer life than nickel-chrome alloy wires.
Resistant to thermal shock. Heaters are not damaged if hit by water spray.

Key benefits to ceramic heating elements include

Clean, non-contaminating, heat operation.
Glaze-coated ceramic body with no surface flaking or oxidation as on metal
sheath elements.
Provides perfectly repeatable performance.
Easily arranged in large arrays that may be set up and controlled in zones.