Flexible Heating Elements


A flexible heating element is often used where space is a problem as they offer low profile uniform heat distribution. Available in any shape or size to suit a wide range of applications, these etched foil heaters are moisture resistant, easy to control and offer very high electrical insulation properties.

Typical applications for flexible heating elements include:-

  • Scientific equipment
  • Hotplates
  • Cabinet warming/Telecoms
  • Drum heating/trace heating
  • Tank heating
  • Composite curing
  • Refrigeration/catering equipment
  • Temperatures up to 200 deg c max, 180 deg c constant
  • Elements can be supplied flat or formed to fit around pipes etc
  • Silicone rubber, Kapton and Polyester materials available
  • 3M self adhesive backing if required
  • Etched foil and wire wound capability
  • Low voltage and mains
  • Custom designs, any shape or size to suit the application
  • UL and CSA approvals