Samba 7″

The Unitronics Samba 7” is a PLC with 2 independent auto-tuning PID loops and an advanced HMI, including a widescreen colour display. The unit supports up to 20 on board I/Os and a range of comms protocols. A USB programming port is built-in, with the option to add up to 2 more if required.

Control and Programming Capability

The Samba 7” has 2 independent auto-tuning PID loops, plus 112k of application memory, and dedicated memory for data tables of 32K RAM and 16K Flash, making it ideal for simple processes with a small number of variables. Ladder Logic software is provided free of charge to enable fast and easy development, and features a range of tools such as a graphs and trends library, alarms and support for multiple languages.

HMI Features

The 7” Samba has a flat 800 x 480 pixels, 16 bit colour touch screen in a widescreen format with no panel keys, enabling complete control over user input.

The software includes a wide range of graphical UI elements, including buttons, keys, and a virtual on-screen keyboard for data entry by users.

Comms Capabilities

A wide range of comms protocols are supported including SMS, RS232/RS485, Ethernet, MODBUS, CANbus, UNIcan and DF1 Slave protocol.

A USB programming port is built-in as standard, with the option to add up to 2 more ports if required.

I/O Options

Up to 20 on-board I/Os are available (12 digital inputs and 8 relay/transistor outputs), with scope for additional I/Os via CANbus. The unit can handle a range of inputs/output types including temperature, weight, high speed counter or shaft encoder.