Vision 350

The Unitronics Vision 350 is a small but powerful PLC with a colour touch screen HMI. It has a 3.5 inch screen with 5 operator keys (4 programmable) and 24 independent PID loops. It is capable of handling a wide range of analogue and digital inputs, with up to 20 on-board I/Os and up to 512 remote I/Os.

Control and Programming Capability

The V350 has with 24 independent PID loops, data table space of up to 120K RAM and 256K Flash data, and 1MB of application memory. As with all Unitronics PLCs, the Vision 350 is programmable using Ladder Logic software (supplied free of charge), as well as the usual library of graphical and text elements. A Micro SD card slot is also provided.

HMI Features

The Unitronics V350 has a 3.5 inch colour touch screen, 320×240 pixels, with 5 keys located underneath the display, 4 of which can be custom programmed as function keys. There are two styles of panel available: classic panel with moulded edges, or flat panel.

There is space for up to 1024 user designed screens and up to 250 image files per application. The unit is also provided with colour graphs and trends library, plus multi-lingual text string library, along with a set of ready-to-use alarm screens, and Ladder Logic software.

Comms Capabilities

The V350 has an extensive range of communication options – SMS, RS232/RS485, Ethernet, MODBUS, CANbus, UNIcan and DF1 Slave.

There is 1 built-in RS232/485 port and the option to add up to 2 more. One can be either RS232/485, Ethernet or Profibus, while the other can be CANbus.

I/O Options

The Unitronics Vision 350 has up to 38 on-board I/Os (depending on model) with a range of digital and analogue types to choose from including digital and direct temperature and weight measurement.

The number of I/Os can be expanded up to 512, by selecting from 31 expansion options (8 snap-in modules, 19 expansion modules or 4 “XL” modules). Manufacturers can achieve the exact combination and number of I/Os needed for their application without the need to switch to a different PLC or HMI.