Vision 430

The Unitronics Vision 430 is a medium sized programmable logic controller with a 4.3″ widescreen colour HMI and 5 panel keys. It can be configured to a wide range of digital and analogue I/Os via snap-in modules and has 24 independent PID loops. Programming is via free VisiLogic software and there is an extensive choice of comms.

Control and Programming Capability

The Vision 430 programmable logic controller has 24 PID control loops allowing it to control medium complexity processes.

Programming is via VisiLogic software which includes a library of HMI graphs, text strings and alarm screens to help cut down development time. There is 512K of application memory, with a further 120K of dynamic RAM for recipe parameters, datalogs and so on, and 256K for fixed data.

The unit includes a mini-USB port to allow remote programming, and a Micro SD card slot is also provided to allow data logging, backups and PLC cloning.

HMI Features

The Unitronics V430 has a 4.3 inch colour touch screen (480×272 pixels) with 5 keys below the display that are programmable with user defined functions. The screen is housed in a sleek, black, flat panel.

The unit can store up to 1024 user defined screens and has space for 12MB of images and 1MB for fonts, enabling the creation of a visually rich HMI.

Comms Capabilities

Communication options on the Vision 430 are extensive and includes Ethernet connection, web server, send email, SMS, GPRS/GSM, MODBUS, a range of CANbus protocols include CANopen, UniCAN and SAE J1939, DF1 Slave and SNMP Agent V1.

The unit comes with a built-in mini-USB port as standard. 1 Serial/Ethernet/Profibus and 1 CANbus port can be optionally added if required.

This PLC also features a FB Protocol Utility which allows communication with a range of devices such as barcode scanners, and frequency converters.

I/O Options

Depending on the chosen model, the Vision 430 can support a wide range of input types including temperature measurement, shaft encoder and other analogue signals, as well as digital inputs. Outputs can be digital (pnp or relay) or analogue (volts or amps).

Up to 24 I/Os can be configured via snap-in modules, with up to 512 I/Os possible via remote expansion facility.