Unistream Touch Screen PLCs

Unistream is a new generation of Unitronics process controller taking the user interface and programming experience to a new level. This platform comprises a versatile and powerful CPU and a choice of 5”, 7″, 10″ or 15″ touch screen, with up to 2048 I/Os and a choice of communication modules.

Completely new software tools have been developed, all of which are free of charge. The Unilogic Studio provides a unified environment for hardware and communication configuration, Ladder and HMI applications.

Intuitive and simple, Unitronics Unistream PLCs include a build-it-once and re-use paradigm that cuts application programming time by 50%.

We currently offer 4 versions of the Unistream with different screen sizes and I/O options:

Unistream 5” – Built-in I/Os – number and type vary according to model selected

Unistream 7”, Unistream 10.4” and Unistream 15.6” – Snap-in I/O and COM modules, expandable up to 2048 I/Os.