Bring your product up to date and save cost using Tecnologics’ new range of Hi Resolution, Colour Touch screen Controllers. Available in 3.5, 4.3 & 7” screens and fully programmable by TUK to perform control tasks, data logging, Time based and PID control. Aimed at Cost sensitive OEM applications our controllers are customisable to perfectly suit your product at much lower prices than a comparable PLC or separate instruments.

TFT resistive touch is standard but Capacitive is also available for behind perspex or glass mounting. Other options include Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and a wide range of communication options including digital I2C sensors, Ethernet, RS485 & RS232.

Integrated battery backed real time clock and internal memory, including micro SD and USB, enable features such as data logging and time based control in addition to PID with an Autotune facility.

Typically Tecnologic will create your application using the configuration utility, However, more experienced programmers are also welcome to use this free utility to create or modify their own projects.

Features (may vary between models)

Hi Resolution Colour TFT and Capacitive Touch screens (3.5”/4.3”/7”)

Displays Pictures/Text/Graphs your Brand Logo

Real time Clock with Calendar (battery backed)

Memory for Data Logging via Internal Memory, Micro SD and USB

Accurate PID process control with Autotune

IP65 facia*


High resolution 16 bit Analogue inputs for Thermocouples, Pt100/1000, mA, Dc Voltage

8 digital inputs


12 digital outputs, 4 of which are Power PWM at 1.7Amps each

Analogue mA/Vdc


Audio Module


FlexCan/Async communications

Supply 5vdc / 9-30vdc, 2.5Watts

Customisable Touch Screen Controllers

Customisable Touch Screen Controllers

Colour Touch screen Controllers are available in 3.5, 4.3 & 7” with either integrated or remote mounted co inputs and outputs. Coming Soon, contact sales office.

Touchscreen Accessories

Touchscreen Accessories

Touchscreen Accessories