Trace Heating Thermostat and Kits – From Tecnologic

At Tecnologic UK, we have been supplying our customers with accurate, industry-quality temperature control instrumentation and systems for over 15 years, for use in a wide range of applications.

To continue providing our customers with the best service, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new product to our range – a trace heating thermostat and associated accessories.

We have designed this solution to provide vital frost protection and temperature maintenance to a wide range of pipework systems and structures, including snow and ice protection for roofs, stairs and gullies, freeze protection for pipes and vessels, ensuring consistent temperature maintenance, and soil warming.

What is Heat Tracing?

It is often extremely important for pipes and vessels to be kept at certain temperatures. Whether it is to protect a pipe from damage when it gets too cold, to keep certain materials flowing, ensure consistent temperature of liquids within the pipe or to ensure a roof or drainpipe remains ice free in cold environments, trace heating can provide the right solution.

It works by running a heating element along the length of the pipe, which is usually wrapped in insulation to ensure minimal heat loss and better heating efficiency. Heat is then generated by the heating element to ensure the entire pipe is kept at the desired temperature.

Ensuring a trace heating thermostat is present allows for precise control of the heating element and can notify users when any detected changes occur within a defined temperature range.

Trace Heating Thermostat by Tecnologic

The new Tecnologic digital Trace Heating Thermostat provides sophisticated trace heating control. Based on the TLZ11X temperature controller and equipped with a PTC sensor, this thermostat has a range of innovative, versatile features and is programmed specifically for the purpose of trace heating.

Housed in a specialised plastic unit, the Trace Heating Thermostat is wall mountable and has an IP65 rating, which makes it ideal for outside applications or for use in industrial environments.

The Trace Heating Thermostat is highly versatile and highly accurate, providing precise control over temperatures ranging from -50 to + 150°C, making it applicable for almost any trace heating solution.

Equipped with an alarm relay output, users can set alarms for both high and low temperature points, allowing for accurate consistency regardless of exterior factors.

The Thermostat comes as part of a Trace Heating Kit, which also includes a tube of sealant, front and back termination boots, cable glands, and a Tecnologic instruction sheet to help get you up and running. This makes installation of the Trace Heating Kit simple and straight forward.

Heat Trace Cable and Termination Kit

In addition to our Trace Heating Thermostat and Kit, Tecnologic can also provide a range of accessories for your trace heating solution.

Our Trace Heating Cable consists of braided stainless steel, capable of 10 Watts per metre and 230 Volts. Designed and manufactured in the UK, these cables are specifically made for use in trace heating applications, in both commercial and industrial environments.

Alongside our cables, we can also provide Trace Heating Termination Kits. Each kit contains sealant, front and back termination boots, cable glands and only require simple installation.

Our Trace Heating Kits and accessories can provide you with the right trace heating solution for your needs, and our Thermostat gives you the precision and control you need.

For more information about our trace heating range, please click here. If you would like some advice and assistance, please give us a call – we’d be happy to help.

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