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The Tecnologic video tutorials section contains resources for working with our process controllers and PLCs. Search by topic via the menu to the left, or browse the complete set of videos below, using the page navigation controls at the end of the page.

Tecnologic videos provide extensive video libraries for more general topics for pid videos and process controllers videos – we also provide technical video installation and programming resources to provide solutions to specific programming and set-up tasks. You can also browse Ascon Tecnologic video material as well as our partner brands – Celduc and Unitronics.

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Solid State Relays with a fieldbus Interface

Okpac, the most iconic SSR Worldwide

Advantages of Solid State Relays (SSR) over Electro-Mechanical Relays (EMR)

How to install a Solid State Relays (SSR) to get optimal performances

Celduc Relais - The Food Industry – Our solutions

Key A01 dip switch settings

Introduction to the Ascon Tecnologic A01 programming key


Winlog Configuator Windows 10 downloads and drivers- Ascon Tecnologic

Universal Configuator Windows 7 downloads and drivers- Ascon Tecnologic