Bespoke Heating Elements from Tecnologic UK

Tecnologic UK specialise in bespoke heating elements for a wide range of industrial applications. Many of our clients are in the process control industry, and temperature measurement and regulation is a requirement.   Process Control Component parts As experts in the process control industry, we provide a full range of process control components to enable […]

Communication Protocols in Process Controllers

The Technologic Range of Process Controllers In a previous article, The Role of Communications in Process Controllers, we looked at why communications facilities are increasingly important for a modern process controller. Here we provide an overview of the comms facilities provided in the Tecnologic range of PLCs, noting what each protocol is best suited to and which […]

Ceramic Heating Element Suppliers

Ceramic heating elements are designed to produce and distribute heat in a controlled manner. These elements are made from non-metallic ceramic materials that have good electrical and thermal properties. The most common type of ceramic used for heating elements is alumina (Al2O3), although other ceramics with specific properties may be utilized depending on the application. […]

Sourcing the best 3D printer Cartridge heater

Cartridge Heaters, are crucial to successful 3D printing Cartridge heaters play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent and controlled temperature for successful 3D printing. Their efficient heating performance allows for precise melting and extrusion of the filament, contributing to the overall print quality as they provide controlled and consistent heating to melt the filament […]

Replacement Heater Cartridges – 3D Printers

The importance of Cartridge heaters in 3D printing cannot be underestimated – the efficient heating performance allows for precise melting and extrusion of the filament, contributing to the overall print quality. Commercial 3D printers used in applications such as automotive component manufacturing, precision modeling, or architectural modelling will have unique cartridge heater specifications unique to […]

PID control of Solar Panels

Energy management and renewable energy, electric vehicles, solar or wind power stations or photovoltaic systems, are all sectors that are experiencing high demand and growth. This period of growth requires new solutions that can handle high loads in a way that is both efficient and safe. Tecnologic-UK have carved a reputation in sourcing and supplying […]

PID process control in Industrial Automation.

Panel-mounted PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) process control has been a vital component in industrial automation for many years, providing accurate control of temperature, pressure, and other process variables. These controllers are typically mounted on a control panel and used to regulate the output of heating, cooling, and other process control equipment. Here is a quick look at […]

The Role of Communications Protocols in Process Controllers

Tecnologic – Process Control Equipment From industrial process controllers to home entertainment devices, it is increasingly rare for an electronics product to be completely standalone, with no ability to communicate with other devices or the wider world. From low cost micro PLCs to richly featured touch screen PLCs with integrated HMI by Unitronics, every PLC […]

Leading Industrial Heating Supplier | Industrial heater selection |

Tecnologic’s industrial heater selection Selecting a new industrial heating supplier can be a complex process, but here are some key steps that we pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free on-boarding process to all our prospective clients looking for a new industrial heating specialist, supplying and manufacturing a vast array of electrical heating components and elements. […]

Tecnologic’s Range of Sensors for PID Controllers

The accuracy of a PID controller depends on two key factors: the precision of the PID algorithm used by the process controller, and the reliability of the input data that it is working with. Tecnologic supply a wide variety of custom sensors for PID controllers, designed to deliver accurate data on a range of input types […]