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Components from Celduc for Health and Medical Applications

This extensive product brochure features applications of the extensive range of SSRs within the Health and Medicine sectors. Additionally, you will find sections for a range of high-quality sensors often found in Hospitals, Laboratory environments, and equipment as well as machines involved in patient care and environment control.  

Celduc Components for Electronical Applications

This product brochure for Celduc Relais provides detailed information on the quality component parts designed and manufactured by Celduc Relais. The contents is of relevance to anyone involved in the installaiton, maintenance and repair of machinery and automated process within photovoltaic cells, diffusion furnace and flat panel display manufacturing. Additional applications cover areas such as blister packaging machines, chillers, diffusion and oxidation, tin wave soldering and climate chambers.  

Component parts for Packaging Line Machines

Extensive product brochure relevant to packaging line and packaging machinery by Celduc Relais. Discover more about the design and manufacture processes of this French company and the component parts utilised. The specialist parts most commonly used in packaging include PCB relays, single phase SSR, temperature control PID, two and three phase SSRs and phase angle controllers. There is also a range of magnetic and safety sensors.

solid state relays

Single Phase solid state switch information and solutions

Solid state switch solutions designed for motors and inductive loads these units are also used in phase angle control systems. Designed for most types of loads / Integrated VDR protection and resistive loads. These single-phase Solid state switch components come with screw and plug connections and the range includes the SU and SUL allowing you to save space, costs and add more functions in a handy 'ready to use' format for 22,5 and 45mm heatsinks. Additional products in the range provide options to allow you to diagnose up to 5 heating elements in parallel or opt for the ECOM model which offers a Temperature controller PID, current monitor and communication interface in one unit. Find all the relevant information on these quality SSR products from Celduc Relais including  -  part numbers, features, and specifications, including compatibility notes in this product brochure - alternatively, call us for detailed guidance and advice on the best solutions and components for your project. We have an experienced technical team able to provide the kit and combinations and provide practical installation and programming advice.   To purchase these products online and select from a choice of priority delivery services, please visit our product pages and online store to check-out securely.  

new generation three-phase solid state relays

Phase 3 celduc SSR components

The contactors and Solid State Switches from Celduc Relais offer superior design, they are easy to install, provide optimum lifespan and are a quality component representing value-for-money - discover the new generation of phase-three Solid State Relays: cel3pac and sightpac ranges.   The typical applications of these products tends to be: Electrical heaters Motors with a high rate of operation Infrared Lamps Ovens, Kilns also essential in the PID control systems.   Discover more about the phase three cel3pac and sightpac ranges for power and control usage, the connector types and performance, with the relevant part numbers and specifications.

motor, heating, lighting, control, power factor correction and energy source switching products and ranges

Celduc Product Guide

SWITCHES SENSORS RELAYS celduc® relais is an expert in its 3 strategic activity fields, which are: S=Solid State Relays & Contactors P=Magnetic Proximity Sensors R=Reed Relays & Switches EVERY DAY NEW APPLICATIONS CALLING FOR RELIABILITY, SILENT SWITCHING AND LONG LIFETIME are best suited to the quality of Celduc Relais products. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES : IN MANY AREAS, THE COMPONENTS USED IN THE EQUIPMENT MUST MEET VERY STRICT REQUIREMENTS THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO EACH INDUSTRY. HEATING Plastic injection molding, Furnaces, Power supply distribution systems, Air conditioning, Textile, Home heating, Infrared heating, Drying, Thermoforming, Etc. MOTOR STARTING Pumps, Compressors, Plastic injection molding, Conveyors, Fans, Etc. LIGHTING Public lighting, Cinema, Theatre lamps, Airport runway lamps, Road lighting, Etc. CONTROL PLC interface, Heating element control, Solenoid valves, Contactor Coils, Optocoupling of sensors OTHER Transformer starting, Power factor corrector, Uninterrupted power supplies, Energy source switching, Capacitors control To view the full range of Solid State Relays offered by T-UK - please visit our category page with useful links to single phase, three phase, DC relays, motor reversing and peltier DC reversing relays - to name just a few!