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Tecnologic’s industrial heater selection

Selecting a new industrial heating supplier can be a complex process, but here are some key steps that we pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free on-boarding process to all our prospective clients looking for a new industrial heating specialist, supplying and manufacturing a vast array of electrical heating components and elements.


Firstly – it would help us to know your most pressing requirements and would encourage you to spend a few moments with our experienced technical team – they will be able to provide you with guidance on our complete range, and if needed also provide suggestions on solutions for any particular industrial heating problems or inefficiencies experienced within your existing systems.


Tecnologic offers a vast range of heater solutions.


  1. Determining your requirements:

Before you start searching for an industrial heating solution, you need to determine your requirements.

This includes the size, power, voltage, and other specifications of the heating element that you need.

Type of heating required – Tecnologic specialises in the following areas:

You can access all categories and types of heating from our left hand menu and most of the heating elements types are accessible via our heating solutions page.

We can also manufacture custom heating elements and work to exact designs or spec requirements.


  1. Researching potential suppliers:

You will probably start by researching online, there are many directories available, and if you have a preference on particular brands, it may also be wise to check supplier lists and distributors.

Look for suppliers who specialize in the heating elements and types that you are looking for.

Tecnologic are also able to provide excellent, leading testimonials and reviews having actively served quality industrial heating elements to customers in the UK and Europe for many years.

  1. Evaluate supplier capabilities:

Once you have a list of potential suppliers, you will likely be wanting to evaluate supplier capabilities.

Again – we understand the processes involved in finding a new supplier and aim to provide you with top-tier support – we understand the difference between the in-depth scoping and design phases involved in bespoke design projects as well as the need to have a regularly stocked parts base, especially necessary for spares systems in large warehousing or factory operations. We also pride ourselves in being able to supply emergency solutions for replacement parts and can do this along-side providing experienced technical advice to ensure a hassle-free replacement.

With the above in mind, we can supply stock items, one-off single-production or small-batch elements just as easily as we can arrange and manage the manufacture of many units or regular production runs.


  1. Quotes and Ordering:

When it comes to quoting and pricing Tecnologic pride themselves on only stocking the best quality products and offering them at prices that offer exceptional value for money.

Details such as delivery time, warranties, and returns are provided very much to suit our customers and generally, our returns policy for any item under warranty is to arrange a swift investigation and replacement or reconditioned item as soon as possible as a priority. Replacement items can be bought during this process.

Tecnologic are a leading UK supplier and will offer account services and credit facilities to clients who are ordering on a routine and regular basis and these details will be provided during the requirements phases of any discussions.



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