Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters are widely used in the plastics industry or where a clamp around method of heating is required. A custom band heater can be made in various different sizes using different methods of construction and terminations:-

High temperature oxidation resistant metal sheath
Various clamping methods possible
Post terminals or flying leads, up to 14 variations
Internal thermocouples possible
Three phase construction possible
Standard lead time for any specification 2.5 weeks
Ceramic insulated versions also available for higher temperatures
Express manufacturing service available, 1 week lead time possible.

What is a Mica Heater?
The name relates to the insulation material. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral with high thermal stability, able to withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees (although its thermal properties start to decrease above 400 degrees). It is a non flammable material and therefore offers excellent thermal insulation.

Can a mica band heater be powered with a 12v supply?
Yes, you have to specify what voltage is required for the heating band – we have a range of Mica Band and Mica Strip Heaters available to buy online and technical staff to help you design for custom manufacture.

How much energy do mica panel heaters use?
Depending on the size of the heater – the watts will vary – you can specify the wattage required. Mica Panel heating is an effective method of surface heating – providing a versatile heating component. The wattage typically ranges from 10w – 3000w plus or minus.

Do mica heaters become very hot?
Yes, depending on the specification they are capable of getting to 300-400 degrees.

How to use a mica band heater..
Generally a Mica Band Heater offers effective surface heating – there are a range of clamping options to suit the application, the heat panel will then heat whatever they are clamped to, for example, a pipe or cylindrical container.

Our mica band heaters are constructed from the highest grade mica to create industrial heating elements that are moisture resistant and provide excellent electrical insulation.

This type of element has a metal sheath which is oxidation resistant at high temperatures. To prevent the band becoming loose at high temperatures, we use low thermal expansion stainless steel.

Leads can be fitted to the element in a wide choice of positions and angles. Inside the sheath is Nickel/Chromium resistance wire which is evenly wound to provide uniformity of heat distributions.

Terminating lead materials: Fibreglass, Stainless steel braid, Stainless steel Conduit

Clamping options: Welded on barrel nut, Wedge, Flange, Spring loaded

Special construction options: Two piece, Euro plug, Terminal box, Expandable, Rectangular box, Custom holes and slots (e.g. for mounting )

Post terminal options: Vertical (standard), Parallel, Either side of gap (e.g. nozzle heaters), Button terminals

Other variations and possibilities include fitment of internal thermocouples, three phase construction and ceramic insulation for higher temperature applications.

For information and access to Tecnologic’s custom band heater services please visit the link. We can also manufacture Custom Ceramic Band Heaters and welcome all enquiries.