Vision 1210

The Unitronics Vision 1210 features a 12 inch touch screen and is the largest controller in the Vision PLC range. It offers 24 independent PID loops with a choice of up to 62 snap-in I/Os, expandable to 1000, and a wide choice of comms. It has the maximum rating of IP66, ideal for industrial environments.

Control and Programming Capability

The Vision 1210 is a 24 loop PID controller, with 2MB of space for VisiLogic applications (software is provided free of charge with free technical support), plus additional space for data tables.

In addition the unit includes an SD card slot which can be used for backups, datalogs and more; and a built-in USB programming port which can be used for data or software uploads/downloads, remote diagnostics etc.

HMI Features

The V1210’s 12 inch touch screen (800×600), offers greater visibility and greater scope for detailed information display – useful in environments where the operator may not always be in close proximity to the controller.

The HMI panel has no operator keys, enabling tight control over user input, ideal for applications designed for untrained or semi-skilled users. Virtual on-screen keyboard functionality is provided for use where direct data entry is required.

The front panel of the Unitronics Vision 1210 has the highest possible IP rating of 66, making it ideal for industrial settings where moisture is likely to be present, or where regular wipe downs are required for hygiene (e.g. food and drink production).

The unit is provided with an extensive toolkit for rapid HMI development including multi-language text string library, image library (up to 32MB), graphs and trends, and alarm screens.

Comms Capabilities

All standard comms options are available on the V1210 (RS232/RS485, MODBUS, SMS/GSM, CANbus, CANopen, UNIcan, Ethernet, J1939 and DF1 Slave, plus email) with 3 built-in comms ports (RS232/485 x2 and CANbus x1) and the option of adding 1 more (either RS232/485 or Ethernet).

I/O Options

A choice of up to 62 I/Os can be added to the Unitronics Vision 1210 via snap-in modules (available separately). A wide choice of local and remote expansion modules can increase this up to 1000 digital and analogue I/Os, including direct temperature and shaft encoder inputs, and relay or high speed counter outputs.