Touch Screen HMI

Tecnologic UK have selected an extensive range of touch screen HMI products to serve control of advanced equipment and machinery as well as those able to perform in complex and extensive process control environments, able to control temperature, pressure, humidity, motion control and manufacturing.

The options available to those looking for a touch screen plc are extensive with options for remote access plcs providing virtual HMI capabilities for those looking for remote operability via connected handsets and devices.

Other touch screen HMIs include those in the Samba Digital and touch screen range, designed for equipment control and small machinery automation. And the Vision touch Screen PLCs providing advanced machine control and automation projects, with a full colour PLC touch screen with advanced graphic display.

Another popular touchscreen hmi with PLC is the VISION plc range It has been a mainstream product for more than a decade and is ideally suited to advanced machinery control applications as well as automation projects within a commercial and industrial use.

Most of the products listed on this page belong to the UniStream series from Unitronics, the UniStream range provide Built-in: PLC + HMI + I/Os also providing an industry first via the built-in, zero-cost cloud services.
Your UniStream “Cloud” PLC comes with an integral start-up subscription that incurs no additional charge or membership fee. It allows access to a no-code dashboard with built-in assistant to allow you to simply configure and Go-Live!

Extensive range of touch screen HMI products available to buy online with technical experts on hand to provide sound technical advice and guidance for your application.