PCB Mounted Relays

A PCB mounted relay allows for easy integration with an existing PCB circuit, either via soldering or plugging, depending on model. Our range of PCB relays encompasses a full range of different requirements, catering for resistive or inductive loads, AC or DC current, with or without heatsinks, for low or high current, as well as a range of different physical sizes and form factors.

SKA Range
These PCB mounted relays are ideal for switching resistive or inductive loads in applications such as solenoid or motor control and include built-in voltage protection. Up to 4 amp rated available.

SKL Range
This PCB mounted relay range offers exceptionally high current switching capabilities in a very compact package. This is achieved with a combination of highly rated thyristors and clip on heatsinks. Rated up to 25 amps, the SKL range of solid state relays offers a number of input-output current combinations for maximum versatility.
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XKA Range
The XKA range offers something slightly different from the above as it is essentially a PCB relay however it comes assembled onto a plastic DIN rail clip with connection terminals. LED indicators fitted as standard. Also available in DC models.
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SLA (Slim Range)
The SLA range of PCB mounted relays is designed to be 100% compatible with 5 mm pitch electromechanical relays. These miniature sized solid state relays are designed to work with AC current, and can be soldered direct to a PCB, or plugged into a DIN rail base. DC versions are also available (SLD models).

SLA celduc interface relays

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