Motor Reversing Relays

Switching a motor into reverse involves just the same issues around vibration, current and voltage control as switching it on – except that the switch is from one source of power to another, requiring a motor reversing relay to provide the necessary protection and control.

We have a range of motor reversing relays for both DC and AC motors, two phase or three phase power, and for a range of voltage, current and power ratings. As with all our components we can help you select the correct motor reversing switch for your particular application.
XKRD Range
This is a DIN rail mounted DC motor reverse switch, consisting of 4 solid state relays connected together in a single unit ready for use. It includes a fully integrated voltage clamp providing isolation for voltages up to 2500VRMS.
SGRD Range
This is a reversing motor switch designed to control switching voltages up to 36VDC (peak voltage 60V). Available in either panel or heatsink mounted formats and featuring a range of control and protection measures including VDR protection.
SG Range
A panel mounted AC motor reverser, available for either 2 or 3 phase switching. Applications include three phase motor control and heater control. Designed to control switching current of 6.6 or 8.5amp and switching voltage between 24-520VAC.
SV9 Range
Panel mounted 2 phase motor reversing switch with built in IP20 terminal protection. The SV9 has no DIN rail clip and allows panel mounting only.
SW9 Range
An AC motor reverse switch with integral DIN rail mounted heatsink.

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