DC Relays

Solid state DC relays are useful in any application where direct current needs to be well controlled, and their use should be considered when switching to a Peltier device. This can include, for example, DC power supplies and motors, test equipment, electro-magnets, heating and air conditioning systems, and battery powered vehicles or devices.

A Mosfet solid state DC relay is best suited to applications where over current capability and low dissipated power are needed. We have a number of Mosfet devices in our range, catering for currents between 2.5amp up to 150amp, and for peak voltages of between 50VDC and 600VDC. These DC solid state relays are available in a number of different form factors, including hockey puck and miniature PCB mounted.
Information on MOSFET technology

These DC solid state relays are ideas for applications where low control current is needed. Also available in a number of different form factors depending on rating required, these solid state DC relays can cater for switching currents of between 1amp and 20amp and switching voltages up to 200VDC. Each DC solid state relay in this range includes integrated protection (either Diode or Transil depending on model).

This is a DC solid state relay designed for high voltage applications up to 1700 VDC, or currents up to 100amp. Hockey puck design with integrated reverse diode protection.
Information on BIPOLAR and IGBT

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