Phase Angle and Burst Fire Controllers

A phase angle controller or burst fire controller does not simply provide switching, but can fundamentally determine the behaviour of the circuit and therefore of the overall system, so selecting the right one for your system is crucial. Our team of experts are on hand to help you select the right unit for your needs.

A phase angle controller is commonly used to proportionally control the amount of power being fed to a system based on the level of an input signal or some other system variable.

A burst fire controller offers an alternative way of controlling power to a circuit, by generating pulses at specific points of the wave, to be used as signals for switching on, off or some other state.

We stock an extensive variety of phase angle control units and burst fire control units, designed to cater for different load types and current/voltage ranges.

SO3 Range

Compact hockey puck size burst fire controller designed for resistive loads with a low thermal inertia, such as Infrared lamps. It especially suited to very fine power control according to the analogue input signal, while simultaneously reducing EMC conducted emissions. Switching current 75amp, switching voltage 400VAC, control voltage 0-10VDC.

SO4 Range

Hockey puck size phase angle control relay, 0-10 or 4-20ma input, designed for proportional control of resistive loads.


DIN rail mounted phase angle control relays switching 22 A or 32 A.

SG4 Range

Phase angle controller designed to proportionally vary the switching point on an AC mains sine wave, using an isolated analogue control signal. Models in this range can cater for switching currents between 10amp and 110amp, and switching voltages between 115VAC and 460VAC. This range offers various input types including 0-10VDC and 4-20mA.

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