System Monitoring Relays

Our range of monitoring relays are designed not only to provide switching and circuit isolation features of regular solid state relays, but also to monitor and respond to specific system parameters such as current or voltage levels with a view to preventing surges that could damage sensitive equipment.

However, monitoring relays have become increasingly sophisticated and can now be used to trigger switching in response to a much wider number of system variables, such as temperature, and to monitor output as well as input.

The SILD and SOD range of diagnostic monitoring relays are designed to monitor various relay and load conditions. They are primarily used to flag up a solid state relay or load failure.

The patented design monitors both the input status (control signal) and the switched output of the relay – each indicated by a dedicated LED.

By comparing these values in its microprocessor it will change the status of the diagnostic LEDs and alarm output in any of these fault conditions:-

  • Loss of mains supply
  • Load open circuit (e.g. blown heater)
  • Failure of its switched output

If any of the conditions occur its alarm will go open circuit signalling a fault to your PLC or control panel.

SOD Range

System monitoring relay in standard hockey puck size

SILD Range

System monitoring relay mounted on a heatsink with DIN rail mounting clip

ESUC Current Monitoring Module

This module is designed for use with the SU and SUL range (found in single phase section) covering a range between 2-40 amps. It can monitor up to 5 loads in parallel, and a variety of different load conditions such as open mains, open load and partial load break. Includes three LEDs for visual diagnosis of circuit conditions.

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