Soft Starters

Soft starters are essential for all systems that could be damaged by excessive vibration (e.g. electric motors) or sudden power onset (e.g. sensitive electronics). A correctly deployed solid state soft starter can prolong the lifespan of the system and increase overall reliability.

We understand that for system manufacturers whose reputation depends on reliability, choosing the right soft start unit can play an important part in their brand’s success. Avoiding current surges with a soft starter can also help to limit the power usage of the system, with benefits to the end user of reduced electricity costs – which can be an important competitive factor for industrial systems.

We stock single phase and three phase soft starters to cater for a variety of application types including electrical and high power mechanical systems.

Our team of experts can help you choose from our range of soft starters to find the most suitable unit for your application.

SO4 Range

This is a single phase hockey puck size soft starter designed for applications such as light dimming, heating regulation and speed control. Operates with switching voltages of 200-260VAC and switching currents of either 35amp or 40amp.

SMCV and SMCVW Range

This is a three phase AC soft start unit with and without heatsink designed for use with 230VAC or 400VAC. A number of models cater for maximum currents of between 5amp and 30amp. Suitable applications for this soft starter include motor control, incandescent or infrared lamp startup and transformer control.

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